Public Relations
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Public Relations

Our PRactice is based on good relationships. The effect of this approach is looking after the image of our clients for almost 10 years, presenting them in the most appealing, attractive way and highlighting their competitive advantage. Our PR agency will help you build a trustworthy and recognizable brand based on the knowledge, skills, and experience of our creative team of experts.

The services our communication agency offers include:

  • analyzing your company’s operations and tailoring our know-how to your expectations,
  • building the awareness of your brand,
  • designing communication strategies, 
  • building corporate image,
  • supporting advertising activities through media relations,
  • running a press office, 
  • building and maintaining lasting relationships with the media,
  • media monitoring.

At WEC, we don’t limit ourselves to only publishing press releases. We’ll tell you how to build good, lasting relationships with your clients and the rest of your company’s environment. We will provide you with not only an accurate identification of your communication-related needs but also a strategic partnership in the pursuit of your business goals. As a creative agency, we have a head (we should actually say ‘heads’ because our team comprises over 20 individuals) full of ideas for innovative campaigns and compelling, share-friendly social media content, which will make everyone hear about your company.

Corporate PR

Regardless of whether your company employs several or several hundred people, any organization should look after its good reputation. Thanks to corporate PR activities, our creative agency is able to build an impeccable image of an institution from scratch. 

At WEC, we’ll help you:

  • set goals and adopt strategies suitable for your business,   
  • create a consistent communication strategy: for both external stakeholders – your clients, the media, journalists, influencers, and business partners, and internal stakeholders – your employees – alike,
  • create the image of your company’s employees as experts in particular fields,
  • rebrand your business,
  • organize conferences, events, and press briefings.

Thanks to our services, your company will have a consistent image and become more attractive to investors.

Crisis PR

A crisis may happen any time, any day. In most companies, when any problematic situation occurs, it appears that no crisis management plan has been prepared, no press officer has been assigned, and no employee has had any proper media relations training. When it comes to crisis communication, the role of a PR agency is not only to design the right crisis management strategy but also to take quick – and appropriate – damage control action when a crisis strikes. 

At WEC, we will provide you with the following:

  • an analysis of the potential crisis situations you may face and the strategies to deal with them, 
  • a training course for your employees to make them able to take the right stance in the media and not to compromise your company’s image when you’re in a tight corner,
  • a press office,
  • a post-crisis rehabilitation plan.

Moreover, we monitor the media for both positive and negative pieces of information and opinions about our clients. This way, we can react quickly and nip any potential crises in the bud.


Over 80%* of entrepreneurs use videos to run marketing activities. When it comes to PR, the video format may not only increase the level of brand trust, but it’s also the first thing your potential clients will turn to in order to learn more about your organization and the portfolio of its products/services.

At WEC, we’re ready to design, plan, and produce the PR video content tailored to your needs. We can offer you the following:

  • product videos, 
  • catchy video content to publish across social media, 
  • video coverage of the events you organize,
  • interviews, unboxing videos, product showcase videos featuring influencers. 

Thanks to the synergy of different activities and the use of video, you’ll achieve your PR and communication goals even faster. You’ll improve your SEO ranking as well as increase the conversion rate and the customer engagement level.



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